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  • Giant Peruvian Lima (Phaseolus Limensis) is a large, flat, cream colored bean about 1 inch in length. This bean is similar to the Christmas Lima in length but "slimmer" in width. This Lima is also referred to as a butter bean, curry bean, Madagascar bean, lab bean or Pole Bean. It is also referenced as the "Cape Pea." The giant Peruvian Lima has creamy texture and a savory flavor. The giant Peruvian Lima is native to Central America. This bean found its way to Peru several centuries ago. Spanish explorers brought the bean to Europe where it thrived in the temperate climate and the slave trade carried the bean to Africa where it is now one of the most vital beans on the continent.

  • Our programs include the most popular tourist attractions of Peru and a selection of the best hotels of the country based on US standards. Our dynamic team is ready to customize any program according to your needs, even if it does not appear on this web site. Our offices in Miami, Florida, and in Lima, Peru, will be glad to serve you. Let us make your dream trip real!

  • Envío de flores Lima,arreglos florales en Lima,ramos de flores,delivery de flores,mandar flores en Lima ,

  • Envío de flores Lima,arreglos florales en Lima,ramos de flores,delivery de flores,mandar flores en Lima ,

  • Proyectos Inmobiliarios en Lima

  • Hotel Cadena Real S.A.C. ICA - 40 Habitaciones standard, 20 Suites bungalows, Piscina con sol todo el año, Room service 24 horas - aire acondicionado - cochera Nazca Restaurant - discoteca - the who - pool bar Congresos - Matrimonios - Teleconferencias - Internet wi fi.

  • Floreria Jardin Real Arequipa: Aniversarios, Bodas, Funerales, Bouquets, Logotipos, etc. - Visite Nuestra Web: www.jardinreal-peru.com Arreglos Florales- Variedad de Flores- Servicio Delivery- Tarjetas de Crédito- Artículos Decorativos.

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